The Single Track Mind


My name is Nichole and you can consider me an outdoor enthusiast.

No, that is too simple. I do more then just enjoy the outdoors, I live for it.

If I am not physically outside, I am mentally. I try to be in the backcountry as much as is possible while I am stuck with a day job.

My favorite form of playtime outside is running on trails.

That’s it. I am a trail runner. A glorified hiker, if you will. I want to spend long days in the mountains, each footfall making contact with the sweet, brown earth. With every step, absorbing all that nature has to offer. Every step representing a life with purpose. Every step from a healthy body that takes me to corners of the earth that most people will never see. Every step bringing awareness and passion to an earth that is much bigger, and stronger than I will ever fully know.

While dabbling in a few other outdoor activities, I have been trail running almost exclusively for 12 years, and it is has been the only constant in my ever-changing life.

At 32 years old, I am still so unsure about most things. One thing is for sure though. My first real love is the mountains and running (or fast hiking) through them, and I am embracing it.

Welcome to my new journey.


I currently reside in Breckenridge, CO. Smack dab in the middle of the glorious Rocky Mountains.

I am so lucky to be figuring out a life here with wilderness single-track right out my front door, and I want to share it. I am going on a journey to explore as many single-track and backcountry trails ColoRADo has to offer. I am curious to see how much I can get out there and get to know my current home state.  May this blog inspire, educate and get people outside.

This blog will be ever-changing (just like me!) and ever-growing, but will seek to provide my knowledge of the trails and share entertaining and insightful stories. Blog posts will be trip reports, common knowledge of backcountry essentials, my experiences out on the trail and hopefully lots more.

I am not the coolest, and I certainly don’t do the most “epic” things. I am a normal person doing the best I can at getting outside as much as possible while still having to work a “real job” to pay the bills. If you can relate, then I hope this is the blog for you.

Happiest of Trails,

Nichole Sellon