Resistance or Strength Training. Workouts

I have no pictures of me working out, so here is Xena. This makes me think of running repeats up stairs which I consider an aerobic and a strength training workout.

Hopefully soon, I will write much more about the benefits of strength training. My love for fitness actually started in the gym and I have some experience with weights and body weight exercises.

I love to feel strong, and even in the summer when I am ramping up the running miles and spending a lot of time on the trail, I make it a point to squeeze in a few days a week of strength training. It improves my running form and performance and improves my physical ability to get around in daily life easily.

I am just starting out with this whole thing, so this first post is just to get a page started where I post a specific workout I have done. It is meant to inspire and allow you to cherry pick what you want to try and what might work best for you.

Keep in mind, I am a trail runner and I usually do exercises that directly benefit my running. My goal is to be toned, light and lean. I am not interested in bulking up. I just want to be strong in places that matter when I run and when I engage in daily physical activities as a part of living. In order to accomplish this, I do a ton of body weight exercises and only occasionally add light free weights.

**If you try this at home, adjust reps to your ability. You most likely will be weaker or stronger in the exercises.**

Workout for 9 January, 2019:

3 sets each:

Round 1:
Burpees 8 reps.
Wide-legged squats 10 reps
Plank 30 sec. – switched to forearm plank for second set
Side crunches 20 each side.
Crunches 15 reps

Round 2:
Pull-ups 10 reps (I own a body tower)
Dips 15 reps
Hanging Leg Raise 10 reps
Jump Squats 15 reps

Round 3:
Sliders 15 reps (mixed up what I did with them each time)
Pistol Squat 3 each side
Push-ups 12 reps
Lunge into single leg stance 10 each side

I did 3 sets of each round and I didn’t rest until the end of the third set. That way I had 10 or 15min. at a time of an elevated heart rate, improving cardiovascular and respiratory strength. This workout took me 50min. If I become more consistent with strength training, I could probably get the time down or I could start to add more reps to each workout to keep the time the same.

Happy 2019!

Oh, Breckenridge.

January, 1 2019. I am sick as a dog. It started as a little chest thing on Monday, and was full blown chest cold/flu yesterday.

Today – day one of my goal to get outside and get moving every single day of this year – my chest is wheezing and I can’t breathe through my nose. Oh, and the fatigue. Oh, and it is 12° outside.

Game on.

We got out on the XC skis. It was cold, but the sky was blue and the sun heated our cores. The trail was fast and the crisp air helped clear my stuffy nose. I made it an hour before the fatigue set in and I knew it was time to call it.

Frank and Xena headin’ uphill.

Full disclosure, yesterday was the worst of the sickness and beside some light stretching, I took the day off. I slept a lot. Rest is important, especially when you are sick. The more you move and get to know your body, the easier it will be to know when you need and don’t need rest.

Today I knew I could find the balance of getting some fresh air and not over doing it. With the exception of a few circumstances in life, (only a few), I still believe any movement, no matter how big or small – short or long – is still better than no movement at all and can always be worked in to your day. Even rest days can and should include light, easy movement.

So, day one already an adventure – as it usually is in the mountains. I am excited to see what the rest of this year will bring.

Get wild, be free.

Nutrition Note:
We spoiled each other for Christmas and bought ourselves a VitaMix. Tonight we made hummus and pita bread. Another goal of mine this year is to really dive in to healthy eating and home make as much as I have time for. I will also get better at taking food pictures.

Homemade pita and hummus. MMMMM.