The Introduction.

Seven Sisters Lakes Single Track 2

I have copied my “About Me” paragraph and pasted it into my first blog for all of you out there who are just like me and would never bother to read the “About Me” page. . .

A Southern California girl that found her identity in the North Cascades of Washington.

I moved to Washington in 2010, and since then my life has mostly revolved around seeking out new trails. I have moved multiple times since, and every move has been based around a new mountain range I want to explore.

I dabble in rock climbing and cross country skiing, but trail running and fast packing is my preferred activity when exploring the mountains. Putting one foot in front of the other on a single track trail in the backcountry is the only thing about this life that makes sense to me, particularly now during this nonsensical political situation.

I am not a professional athlete and am not trying to be, and frankly these days, there is about a million other blogs out there being written by people who are doing bigger and badder things than I am.

I have to work like (almost) everyone else, and I am just doing my best in figuring out how to play as hard as I work.

In sharing my adventures, I hope this blog can be added as a useful resource when seeking out new trails. Most of my posts will be written in trip report style, and if nothing else, I hope you enjoy the pictures.

Happy Trails.